How to buy

It's easy.
If you want to buy one of our products, please contact us.

We mainly sell our products directly.
This allows us to have close contact with our customers.

If a dealer is located in your country, we will pass on their contact details to you.

Shipping & Costs

We ship worldwide.

With the help of our partner FedEx, our products reach almost every corner of the earth in about 1-3 days.


The availability of each product in the corresponding price box.

Status Explanation
In stock The product is in stock and can be shipped right away.
In production The product is not in stock, but we are currently producing a new batch.
Sometimes it may happen that the demand is greater than we can produce.
In such a case, it is likely that there is already a waiting list. So please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can put you on the waiting list without obligation.
We will inform you when the device is available again.
Not in production anymore The product is no longer manufactured and is only available on the used market.
In the case of a discontinued product, it is normally indicated by which it has been replaced.