MythEQ 500


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MythEQ 500
500er Magical Equalizer

How to come up with a new equalizer without replacing the previous one?

That was the main question on our minds.
The Classic Equalizer EQP-1 scores with its nice warm sound.
So it was clear: we needed to create a Yang to our Yin EQ.
A device that works in a cleaner way, but is also capable of biting – and still retaining the Tegeler character. A device that you can use to get a warm and melodious sound, as well as drastic and aggressive EQ settings.

Vocal Leveler

One device to EQ them all...

... to distort them,
tweak to weak them,
boost or attenuate them,
surgically cut frequencies or
create beautiful new peaks and valleys.
Our new EQ now brings all these features together.

Why MythEQ?
Because after "Legendary" comes "Mythical"

Naming the newest member of the Tegeler family through a Facebook poll was an exciting experiment for us – and you guys did not disappoint.
We were honored by the rationale for the new name, thank you:

"After a legendary device, only a mythical one can follow from you"
Born was the MythEQ.

Sit back, relax, and go on a ride with your new EQ

Your vocal track still lacks some sunshine?
No problem: turn the high pass filter up to 10kHz and boost it until the vocals shine as bright as the sun itself.

Your kick is missing the thump?

Take the bandpass filter, set it to 80Hz and boost until the neighbor knocks.

Your snare isn't loud enough for deaf 2kHz hip-hoppers?

Take the bandpass filter, set it to the right frequency, and boost until everyone in the back row can hear again.

The bassline isn't pushing enough for the Techno junkie?

Take the low-pass filter, set it to 300Hz and push until he feels the bass in his stomach.

Just a few knob twists away from great sound.

With its incredibly wide operating range of -15 to +15dB, you can bring out any sound, no matter how quiet, or give the too loud ones the appropriate damper. The Q faktor of the boost and czt is proportional to the gain/attenuation. The more you boost/Attenuate, the narrower the bell.

The icing on the (MythE)Q

To round off the sound and add a little more Tegeler character, we eventually decided to install our in-house transformers.
We have made countless listening tests and decided on the most beautiful sound.
Transformers provide a pleasant compression of the sound through the conversion current->magnetic field->current and their non-linearities.
The bass becomes tidier and more defined. The heights are pleasantly rounded.

Get mythical!

Test the EQ in your setup. Imagine how it will nestle perfectly in your setup and lift your sound to the next level.
The hours of tedious "looking for the right EQ plugin" are finally over.

Because you now have the EQ to EQ them all.

If it still doesn't fit, just send it back to us.
We mean it, no catch: no hidden costs, subscriptions, or anything like that.




  • API-500 series mono equalizer
  • Toggle switch: in/bypass
  • High band shelf filters: 3kHz, 3.3kHz, 3.7kHz, 5.5kHz, 8.5kHz, 10kHz
  • Upper midrange bell filter: 1kHz, 1.5kHz, 2.5kHz, 4.5kHz, 12kHz, 16kHz
  • Lower midrange bell filter: 80Hz, 120Hz, 190Hz, 330Hz, 900Hz, 1.3kHz
  • Low band shelf filter: 50Hz, 55Hz, 65Hz, 100Hz, 300Hz, 450Hz
  • Maximum boost/cut: +-15dB


  • Frequency response: 20Hz-40kHz
  • Maximum input level: +20dBu
  • Input impedance: ≥2.4kΩ
  • Output impedance: <600Ω
  • Maximum output level: +21dBu
  • Dynamic range: ≥100dB
  • Supply voltage: +-16V
  • Fuse: -
  • Maximum current consumption: 80mA
  • Size: standard API 500 module size
  • Weight: 540g


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