The Creme Experience

The Creme Experience

  • 03/11/2019
  • Victor Weiss
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Bucharest based audio engineer Iulian Mihaila provides video tutorials on mixing, mastering and other audio related topics on his ever growing YouTube channel. The Creme was his first hardware studio device and he was so excited about it that he made a video to share his experience. Since the Creme is in his rack, he has used it for refining his mixes but also for polishing vocals.

I got it like a month ago and I've been using it ever since, I didn't go back to the plugins. I think that the plugins are really good but the Creme really sounds amazing! None of the plugins I own gave me the results that I get with the Creme right now. I absolutely love it! - Iulian Mihaila

Check out his Youtube Channel for more videos featuring the Creme, like the amazing 'Mixing a trap song' series. But for starters here are the first three videos:

Creme, my experience with it:

Creme, Studio One Setup, Top down mixing:

Creme, Mixing Trap Vocals:

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