Crème meets MPC with Saintjoe

  • 11.06.2019
  • Jörg Nawra
  • Creme
JK Swopes aka “saintjoe” reviewed the Crème for He sent his MPS’s signal directly through the Crème. The results can be seen – and heard – in this video:

"When given the chance to check out the Crème bus compressor I was definitely excited. My use case for it would be as the final piece in my chain before printing to audio. I currently have it sitting directly after my MPC so everything coming out of there hits the Crème. (I run all of my hardware synths and instruments into a sub mixer and then into my MPC)" JK Swopes aka “saintjoe”
"The compression is nice but what I've really enjoyed over the last few months of using it was the way the high frequency EQ can instantly open up any track. I'll leave the compression set to a nice subtle setting so that it glues everything together, and most of the time I'm simply giving a slight tweak to the high EQ to add a bit of air to the track. Of course I've also used it with more extreme settings when working on sound design projects, but no matter what I'm doing I can get to the results pretty quick. It's really become one of those "always on" tools and I'm glad I had a chance to check it out! Keep up the great work guys!" JK Swopes aka “saintjoe”

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