ISP Musica: All in one or 2x1

ISP Musica: All in one or 2x1

  • 08/13/2017
  • Tobias Schacht
  • Testbericht
  • Crème
ISP-Online review: Todo en uno o 2x1

Here comes a Créme review for our Spanish, South and Central American friends, where the Tegeler Audio Manufaktur gets more and more established. The Creme was straight away ennobled with the "Producto Seleccionado" stamp. So, in the eyes of the ISP editorial team, this is an excellent product.

Aquí está un articulo de Creme para nuestros amigos españoles y del Sur de América y América Central, con los que el Tegeler Audio Manufaktur gana cada vez mas simpatía. En este caso el Creme fue ennoblecido con el sello Producto Seleccionado. A los ojos de la editorial ISP, por tanto, un excelente producto.

Here comes the spanish review:

A few quotes
For some it is an unknown brand, but for others a name that has been around for years. Finding your place in the exclusive premium audio club is very complicated. In doing so, Tegeler is not tired of actually creating exclusive products at reasonable prices.
Everything that went into the Tegeler Créme sounded better at the output than at the entrance. The quality of the equalizer and compressor is really good. At the same time, subtle changes are more its purpose than radical ones. Aggressive coloring is neither its market segment nor its intention. The cream tries not to be perceptible.
The Tegeler Creme is just as the first high-end device as a complement to an already extensive range of compressors and equalizers, because it will surely find its gap in all possible situations. It has a cheap price, less than two thousand euros and when you consider its quality and its characteristics, I think everyone should consider this device in search of the right product.
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