New product: Konnektor – Analogue Mastering Matrix

New product: Konnektor – Analogue Mastering Matrix

  • 10/01/2016
  • Michael Krusch
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We are pleased to announce the Konnektor. The digital controlled patchbay with a totally analogue signal path.

The Konnektor is the practical solution for every DAW based studio to integrate hardware outboard in a fast way including total recall into the mix. Up to eight outboard devices can be connected by a Sub-D to XLR breakout cable and every device can be changed in order of the chain by the webpage of the Konnektor or by plugin. The signal chain settings of every device can be saved into the project thus means the choice of your outboard devices and the order of the signal chain can be totally recalled.

Furthermore the Konnektor has an analogue LR->MS- and MS->LR matrix as an analogue plugin.

Born out of practise to integrate outboard devices into a DAW based Mix without bothersome patching. No matter if you work in a mastering suite, at the mixdown at the project studio or for ambitious home recording. The Konnektor is the ideal solution to integrate outboard recallable in every session.

The Konnektor will be available soon.

If you are interested in the Konnektor and like to test, please let us know.

More details here

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