Schwerkraftmaschine - New Vari-Mu Compressor

Schwerkraftmaschine - New Vari-Mu Compressor

  • 12/02/2015
  • Michael Krusch
  • Schwerkraftmaschine
“Schwerkraftmaschine” is the name of the new Vari-Mu compressor from Tegeler Audio Manufaktur.

This completely analogue stereo signal path is equivalent to the Vari Tube Compressors with 4 tubes and 6 transformers.

A DSP generates the control signal for the compressor, making it possible to simulate the behaviours of all existing compressors. Want to set the compressor to act like an opto compressor, even with the memory effect? It’s as easy as pie.

But the idea is not to emulate analogue behaviour, but rather to create compression programmes that cannot usually be implemented using analogue equipment, or only with great effort.

There is also a side-chain filter in the lowcut mode which is infinitely adjustable from 0 - 300 Hz, and also a tilt EQ to optimally adjust the compression to the specific audio material.

A mix knob can be used to mix between compressed and uncompressed signals.

All controllers are fitted with servomotors and can easily be adjusted via the network using a DAW plug-in (VST, AU, AXX) or the built-in web server. This allows the user to store the Schwerkraftmachine’s settings for each song. It is even possible to automate individual parameters in the mix.

Nevertheless, the Schwerkraftmachine is fully operable through the device itself. There are no functions that can only be accessed via a plug-in.

A high-resolution LCD shows the programme mode and degree of compression.

Tegeler Audio Manufaktur’s Schwerkraftmaschine combines the flexibility of a plug-in with the sound of real analogue hardware.

The Schwerkraftmaschine will be available from January 2016 and cost 2,940 EUR exc. taxes.


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