The new revised VTRC featuring a new front panel design

The new revised VTRC featuring a new front panel design

  • 05/12/2015
  • Michael Krusch
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Retro look – Vintage Sound

In line with their new design aesthetic, we introduce the Vari Tube Recording Channel as the first product of the current range to feature the new retro look.

Furthermore, the inside has been revamped. By using high-quality and hand selected components, as well as a reworked circuit, an even better signal-to-noise ratio has been accomplished.

Other improvements include an EQ-section with an extended frequency range for a better editing of summed signals. Even with the new improvements, the fantastic sound of the approved tube technology, based on the award-winning original VTRC has been retained.

The Channel Strip contains a preamp with variable tube sound on the input gain.
Furthermore the VTRC includes a Pultec-Style EQ, a Vari Mu tube compressor and a vocal-optimised opto-compressor.
It does not matter if you use the channel for vocal recording, instrument recording or post-recording signal processing,
Tegeler Audio Manufaktur delivers relentless analogue sound with a handcrafted quality made in Germany.

  • Preamp with Input and Gain to fade between a clean – or a warm tube sound
  • Two compressors with opto and vari mu circuit
  • Adaptive control of the attack and release
  • Pultec Style EQ for a perfect mix
  • EQ is switchable between pre or post
  • Huge vu meter for a perfect visual feedback
  • Lowcut by 80 Hz or 160 Hz
  • 48V phantom power
  • Phase reversal switch
  • Handcrafted quality
  • Two units are Iinkable for stereo recording
The VTRC is now available.

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