From VTC to Schwerkraftmaschine - Big Trade-In

From VTC to Schwerkraftmaschine - Big Trade-In

  • 02/24/2017
  • Michael Krusch
  • VTC
  • Schwerkraftmaschine
You have a VTC and want to upgrade to the new Schwerkraftmaschine?

We offer an attractive trade-in program until the end of April 2017

How it works:
  1. You send us some photos of the condition of your VTC.
  2. We will make you an offer you can't refuse.
  3. You send us your VTC.
  4. You get a brand-new Schwerkraftmaschine and you old VTC is calculated.

There's no cheaper way to upgrade.

BTW: The Schwerkraftmaschine comes with a VTC mode, so it provides compatibility with your existing projects.

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