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  • 09/14/2021
  • Julian Moreth
  • Creme RC
  • Review

Timm Brockmann from extensively tested the Creme RC and came to the following results:

  • "Push your sound to the next stage and make it pop!" – The Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Creme RC keeps its promises and comes with a modern, punchy sound that almost always fits and cuts through.
  • The newly developed, faster-reacting Cream mode is interesting for modern music genres.
  • The symbiosis of analog sound and digital control is implemented very successfully and lifts the Creme RC above the large number of analog signal processors.
  • The equalizer sounds wonderfully musical and manages to sound good in almost every setting. The almost stepless frequency adjustment is a real improvement on the original Creme.
  • The compressor also delivers wonderful results, with a tight bass range and airy spatial precision. The combination of compressor and equalizer is wonderfully workflow-orientated in the studio, which is still underlined by the clear design of the Creme RC.
  • The Creme RC provides a modern, unmistakable analogue sound and thus is a real purchase recommendation.

You can find the complete test in German here.

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