Auction for charity - the

Auction for charity - the "Buddy-TRC"

  • 02/14/2020
  • Martin Kathke
  • TRC
If you’re following us on Facebook you probably already know our new quality manager. His name is Buddy and he's an original Berlin native.

Our fluffiest employee came from a problematic background to the animal shelter Berlin (Tierheim Berlin). For a while now he is living with Martin and we can't imagine our daily life without him. He’s working part-time at the moment and sniffs out faults better than any test equipment. Such good work comes at a price of course. The rest of the day is reserved for sleep meetings and occasional running in the park.

During one of his patrols his accurate nose sniffed out a brand new TRC (Tube Recording Channel).

Like the good boy that he is, he of course presented his find proudly to the rest of the staff but was not willing to leave hold of the TRC at first. After some negotiating he was willing to let go of it but only under the condition that the proceeds from the unit will go to the animal shelter Berlin (Tierheim Berlin). Who could say no to that? That's why we will be auctioning the TRC.

This is where you come in. You can, so to say, kill two birds with one TRC here. Get an upgrade for your studio and do something good for the local animal welfare. So why not add a few karma points to your account?

The auction starts today (13.02.2020) at 20:00 untill Sunday (23.02.2020) at 20:00.

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