Creme makes it possible: Mastering as a holistic process

Creme makes it possible: Mastering as a holistic process

  • 10/22/2013
  • Michael Krusch
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Sound doesn’t equal sound - Mastering as a holistic process

Ambitious mastering doesn’t only raise the sound quality of recordings immensely, but it creates the foundation for successful marketing of both, the product and the artist. The Schatz Mastering Studio has dedicated itself to this very process - to purify and to put the final touches to recordings..
It has been a long way that has brought Markus Schatz to where he stands now and lets him reflect back onto almost 3 decades of experience and love for the music. His roots are at the end of the 80’s within the Hip Hop scene which philosophy he acted out as, besides other things, a DJ. From Hip Hop he eventually arrived at electronic music and became a resident DJ between the years of 1995 up to 2002 at the old Tresor in Berlin.

After several music publications and after finishing his studies as an audio engineer he founded his mastering studio during the past year. He made it his goal for every production to work out an individual and broad optimization to get the best out of the material that he has been given.

Creme makes it possible

Bus-Kompressor und Mastering-Equalizer Detailaufnahme
The most important elements of his work are, besides passion, experience hearing, certainly a perfect room acoustics and high-end equipment. . The very same equipment, of which the Creme bus-compressor and masteringequalizer from our house has recently become a part and enables him to broaden his range of products that he offers and to make use of analog as well as digital processors from Mixdown to Mastering.

His understanding especially for the variety and attributes of electronic music (club, dance, jazz, Hip Hop, House, Techno, Reggae and many more) aids to the authentic translation of an idea up to a premium product that is ready for pressing.
As of lately the Creme found an indispensable place within our rack and has ever since steadily been used for the purpose of mastering. We are very impressed by the sound quality and by the quality of the workmanship.

End your inner battle between digital and analog.

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