tools4music: pure Creme

tools4music: pure Creme

  • 08/31/2017
  • Tobias Schacht
  • Testbericht
  • Crème
Review by tools4music/Edition 3.2017

A few quotes
Quickly create more pressure plus silvery treble without hissing? This works out. And all this considerably faster than using the EQ at the digital console. Long live direct access!
The Tegeler Creme prepares to redeem the masterbus of plug-ins ... At their expense are those who are looking for a real "Set and Forget" device for the studio or just love the subtle editing of a good mastering which ensures an amazing Aha effect regarding AB comparisons.
Here it is not drastic, but "creamy". Here, no new color is applied, but the existing color is refreshed. It is the work of a restorer who helps the work of the master to a new splendor, not the work of an artist who creates a new work.
With the Creme the FoH Engineer gets an excellent tool for sound painting on the stereo bus. It´s not about the correction of the FoH system, but the creative shaping of the stereo signal according to audio aesthetics.
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