Creme in a haystack

Creme in a haystack

  • 09/25/2020
  • Victor Weiss
  • Créme

Every year Elijah "Lij" Shaw packs his Toy Box Studio and heads to Bonnaroo. Behind the main stage of the iconic festival is something very special: a complete recording studio, soundproofed with hundreds of hay bales.

The musicians, such as Sheryl Crow or Ron Gallo, who play at Bonnaroo, record their songs during the festival in this hay bale studio. Since 2005, Lij and his great team have recorded hundreds of bands and hundreds of songs.

This year Lij took the Creme as part of the Mastering Rig.

Lij and his mastering engineer Joe about the Creme:

"I have loved using the Creme for recording at The Toy box Studio! The built in Creme eq and compression work beautifully for enhancing acoustic guitar and piano in a totally transparent way. The hardest part about using the Creme is deciding which instrument to use it on. I need about ten of these things!

We also took the Creme down to our annual Hay Bale Studio at Bonnaroo to record 27 bands including the incredible Sheryl Crow. I mix the music live in a studio setting, and we chose the Creme for mastering our mixes which then go out to radio stations all across America during the festival. It worked beautifully and sounded great!" - Lij Shaw

"The Creme is a killer stereo bus/mastering tool—the high end of the EQ sounded incredibly smooth, possibly the cleanest high end boost I can think of using recently, and the compressor worked exactly how a bus compressor should. It’s like the perfect box to add some almost transparent EQ and compression to your mix/master. I love it. I want one!" - Joe Hutchinson (mastering engineer for the Hay Bale Studio at Bonnaroo)

Here the video:

Lij Shaw about the Vari Tube Recording Channel:

Some pics from the sessions:

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