"Permanently sat on the drum buss"

  • 06/19/2020
  • Julian Moreth
  • Magnetismus 2

Located in North Devon, UK, and surrounded by forests and meadows is the studio Devon Analogue. Wäldern und Feldern befindet sich das Studio Devon Analogue. The studio has accumulated an incredible amount of (vintage) hardware and integrated it into a digital workflow.

Regular guests of the studio include artists from labels like Ninja Tune and XL Recordings. Anyone familiar with the UK electronic scene will probably have heard of names like Skream, My Nu Leng or Chris Lorenzo.

Tristan, one of the two studio owners, told us they love our Magnetismus 2 on their drums, especially on TR style drum machines.

But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself what Tristan has got to say:

"We have been using the Magnetismus 2 for about 8 months and it’s a very unique VCA and transient shaper, which nothing else in a single unit comes close." - Tristan Grace
"When correctly gain staged (not being blown away by simple output gains) its appeared loudness is unreal, it adds a lovely weight and openness to all types of sound sources with the added option of different metal modes [Flux-Mode]." - Tristan Grace
"We have been using it permanently on drum busses; it’s a perfect VCA compressor for drum machines. Feed your X0X style drums into this and listen!" - Tristan Grace

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