Home Summing Made Easy

Home Summing Made Easy

  • 03/21/2019
  • Victor Weiss
  • Tube Summing Mixer
  • TSM
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What is analog summing and what does it bring to my mix? Quite simply, with analog summing you get the classic sound of the legendary analog mixing consoles, but without having to own such an expensive and large console. Any questions? Then take a look at David's extensive video on the subject!

His final conclusion:

"It's a way to add the console vibe and sound characteristics to a mix. When you mix through it [...] it adds a nice and pleasing sound characteristic to your audio, without getting piercing and nasaly sounding as well as it opens things ups a little bit and helps you to make better mixing decisions."
"I was someone that wasn't a believer until I actually heard it [...] the TSM is wonderful because i love the sound of the tubes. That's something that a lot of summing mixers don't have, especially at this price point. So this is a wonderful unit, I'm keeping this one in my studio!"
David Vignola, Home Recording Made Easy

Here the review:

As a bonus here David's video about our Digital Recall Sheets:

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