Sound on Sound 2016-12 Konnektor Review

12/15/2016 Review Konnektor

New review of our Konnektor in Sound on Sound 2016-12...


The Schwerkraftmaschine is here

12/09/2016 Schwerkraftmaschine

After a lot of planning, programming, soldering, and listening, our vision has become a reality:
The Schwerkraftmaschine is here....


Musicradar: The 10 best new outboard/hardware effects of 2016

12/05/2016 Award VTRC

And our VTRC is among them....


SummerNAMM2016 in Nashville/Tennessee/USA

06/24/2016 Fair NAMM2016

We came with two racks full of equipment to this year's SummerNAMM2016 in Nashville Tennessee/USA. Jaws dropped and were followed by a big 'WOW' when the controls of the Schwerkra...


Robin Schulz live at the World Club Dome in Frankfurt with Crème and EQP-1

06/20/2016 Article EQP-1 Creme

From Dominik Piorr, Flip Toy Productions As discussed I sent you some photos of Crème and EQP-1 in action with Robin Schulz at the World Club Dome in Frankfurt last weekend. Next...


FutureMusic VTRC Review

03/07/2016 Review VTRC

New review of the VTRC by magazine FutureMusic/Musicradar Find the complete test here:


Pro Tools Expert: Review Of Crème By Tegeler Audio Manufaktur

02/05/2016 Review Creme

In this video review Dan Cooper takes a look at Crème, an outboard bus compressor and mastering equaliser by Tegeler Audio Manufaktur. Watch the video to hear how it performs and t...


NAMM 2016 Anaheim, California, USA

02/01/2016 Fair NAMM2016

Tegeler Audio Manufaktur was at the NAMM 2016 21.-24. january 2016. We've presented our new Schwerkraftmaschine vari-mu compressor and the new Konnektor mastering matrix. May int...

Details - Tegeler Audio Manufaktur VTRC Review

01/25/2016 Review VTRC

New review of the VTRC by online magazine Delamar. Find the complete test here:


Product Review - Tegeler Audio Manufaktur VTRC

01/04/2016 Review VTRC

New review of the VTRC by magazine Sound On Sound Find the complete test here:

Details - Beef up the master - Review Crème

12/29/2015 Review Creme

New review of the Crème by online magazine Find the complete test here: (German) Full review (english trans...


Studio One Expert - Review of The Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Vari Tube Recording Channel

12/21/2015 Review VTRC

New review of the VTRC by online magazine Studio One Expert Find the complete test here:


Schwerkraftmaschine - New Vari-Mu Compressor

12/02/2015 Schwerkraftmaschine

“Schwerkraftmaschine” is the name of the new Vari-Mu compressor from Tegeler Audio Manufaktur. This completely analogue stereo signal path is equivalent to the Vari Tube Compresso...

Details - Review Tube Summing Mixer TSM

11/09/2015 Review TSM

New review of the Crème by online magazine Find the complete test here: (German) https://www....


SAE Alumni Convention 2015

10/20/2015 Fair

We again are participants of this year's SAE convention. Join us on the upper floor, booth O11, Thursday and Friday this week in Berlin. All of our products are ready for testing...


New product: Konnektor – Analogue Mastering Matrix

10/01/2015 Article Konnektor

We are pleased to announce the Konnektor. The digital controlled patchbay with a totally analogue signal path. The Konnektor is the practical solution for every DAW based studio ...


Tube Summing Mixer with new design

09/02/2015 Article TSM

The TSM is now available with their new design aesthetic. Beside the facelift we also revamped the inside to get an even better signal-to-noise ratio for example. On the rear ar...

Details - Review of the Vari Tube Recording Channel

07/06/2015 Review VTRC

Review of the Vari Tube Recording Channel by the musicians magazin Here you can find the complete review:


Zeitgeist Mastering - Video review Vari Tube Compressor VTC and Classic Equalizer EQP-1

06/26/2015 Article Mastering VTC EQP-1

Bio Zeitgeist Mastering is a small mastering house running out of Lichtenberg, Berlin, Germany & run by Australian born Engineer - Nicholas D'Ombrain. Nicholas is an accomplished...


Classic Equalizer EQP-1 - Review by Hanne of Hanne & Lore

05/29/2015 Article EQP-1 Review

Steffen Neuhaus is a musician, songwriter and music producer who began to play piano and drums, as well as singing early in life. He gets his first synthesizer at the age ...


The new revised VTRC featuring a new front panel design

05/12/2015 Article VTRC

Retro look – Vintage Sound In line with their new design aesthetic, we introduce the Vari Tube Recording Channel as the first product of the current range to feature the new retro...


Gordon Raphael about the work with the Tegeler Audio Manufaktur products

04/15/2015 Article VTRC Mag2 EQP-1 VTC

Gordon Raphael is a record producer and musician from Seattle, who is currently living in Berlin. He is most widely known for his work with The Strokes, whom he met while attending...


We've visited the famous Funkhaus Studio in Berlin Nalepastrasse

02/02/2015 Article Video VTRC

We've visited the famous Funkhaus Studio in Berlin Nalepastrasse and have asked how they use the Tube Recording Channels. Watch the video: You can test VTRC in your Studi...


Crème makes it possible: Mastering as a holistic process

10/22/2013 Article Mastering Creme

Sound doesn’t equal sound - Mastering as a holistic process Ambitious mastering doesn’t only raise the sound quality of recordings immensely, but it creates the foundation for succ...


Side-Chain - what it is and what it isn’t, Part 3

10/01/2013 Article Basics Compression VTRC VTC Mag2 Creme

Die Baugruppen, mit welchen die Audiosignalverstärkung verändert wird, geben den Kompressoren normalerweise ihren Namen. Man unterscheidet hauptsächlich: Kompressoren nach dem Va...


Side-Chain - what it is and what it isn’t, Part 2

09/24/2013 Article Basics Compression

What you think it is Despite the broadly spread opinion, we are plainly referring to the separate side-chain input of the compressor, and only such compressors do have a side-chain...


Side-Chain - what it is and what it isn’t, Part 1

09/18/2013 Article Basics Compression

Compression General Compression generally serves a better level control through the reduction of the level-difference that appears within the signal. Connected with that is a ra...


Swiss Children’s choir profits from the Berlin audio-engineering

07/23/2013 Article EQP-1

A few weeks ago we received a special praise from our customer Mark Steffen, who coincidentally got his hand on a Tube Recording Channel. He bought the device at a special sale an...


Magnetismus 2 live - Jazz with the Portico Quartet at Séance Berlin

04/22/2013 Article Mag2

In the context of the concert series Séance Berlin, the Portico Quartet appeared with an interesting fusion of jazz and electronics. The Magnetimus 2 was used on the drum bus for t...


Audio examples Vari Tube Recording Channel - CD "The Voice Of Germany - Die Highlights"

02/11/2013 Article VTRC

We've been asked for audio examples for the Vari Tube Recording Channel a few times. In December 2011 Mathias Ramson of Valicon recorded several vocal tracks for German TV show "V...


Musotalk house call

02/04/2013 Video

Non Eric from German video blog Musotalk visited us and he took a look around. He visited our development department and our production area. A prototype of the upcoming Crème was ...


Tegeler Audio Manufaktur presents a new mixtool: Crème

04/24/2012 Creme

The Crème unites a passive EQ according to the Pultec principle with a proven bus compressor in a single unit. Many successful mixing engineers have one thing in common: They mix ...


Magnetismus 2 now separate side chain input

02/10/2012 Mag2

All new Magnetismus 2 are now equipped with a separate side chain input. This extension will make the built-in VCA compressor even more flexible. Old units Magnetismus 2 can be u...


Professional Audio: VTRC is Editors Choice 2011

01/15/2012 Review VTRC

At the turn of the year the editors of Professional Audio choose their personal highlights from all tested products. Our Vari Tube Recording Channel is one of the winners. The VTR...


Special items (single pieces)


We have some single pieces of racked modules on stock. Wir haben noch einige Einzelstücke von begehrten gerackten Modulen auf Lager. While stocks last - First come, first served....


"The Golden Sixties" - Test of Vari Tube Recording Channel in Studio Magazine 2011-09

10/26/2011 Review VTRC

Studio-Magazin 09/2011 Dieter Kahlen wrote: ... produce a noticeable presence of voices that seem literally to step out of the phantom center, with a powerful and rounded appearan...


User opinion: Producer and musician Jake Roeder on the VTRC

09/19/2011 Review VTRC

"Errrrrr – can you somehow mix it back? I feel like I‘m singing to myself in my ear." That was, what I recently had to hear in a vocal session. Actually, that says quite a lot abou...


Professional Audio tested the Vari Tube Recording Channel and they are delighted.

09/06/2011 Review VTRC

Professional Audio 09/2011 Michael Nötges wrote: ...With an increasingly active gain stage the VTRC heats really the signal, profiles the acoustic color, creating a 'great' overall...


Video-Test of Vari Tube Recording Channels at Musotalk TV

08/22/2011 Review VTRC

Michael Krusch presents on the online video magazine Musotalk TV the Vari Tube Recording Channel. All features are described individually. The function of both compressors is exp...


Review Vari Tube Recording Channel in Keys 06/2011

05/04/2011 Review VTRC

The Keys tested in the current edition 06/2011 our Vari Tube Recording Channel. Keys 06/2011 Stefan Körber wrote: ...When recording the voice you had the feeling that the "cloth" ...


Our new Recording-Channel is available.

04/01/2011 VTRC

The time has come! Our new Recording-Channel is available. A lot of new features and adjustments. More...


Recording Magazin 05/2010: Short feature about compressors


In the Recording magazine 05/2010 appeared a short feature by Michael Krusch, the founder of the Tegeler Audio Manufacture about the different compressor types as part of the categ...