"In short: To me this is the perfect 2-Bus processor!"

  • 02/23/2018
  • Victor Weiss
  • Review
  • Creme

MixbusTV's Creme Review & Giveaway

With almost 50,000 subscribers the YouTube channel MixbusTV is one of the best resources for tutorials on mixing, mastering, music production and sound design.

Host and chief engineer David has extensively tested the Creme with many sound examples from rock to EDM. When processing solo vocals, he also shows how versatile the Creme really is.

David loves compressors. He has and had many of it. But the Creme is something really special for him. All the more we are very pleased about his enthusiastic conclusion: "In short: To me this is the perfect 2-Bus processor!".

You want to win a Creme? Head over to MixbusTV on YouTube and use the link in the description to register!

Have fun watching the review:

How the Creme got the center front row spot in his rack you'll learn in the unboxing video:

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