Mondstein Records: Punchy Mix with the Magnetismus 2

Mondstein Records: Punchy Mix with the Magnetismus 2

  • 07/19/2018
  • Victor Weiss
  • Magnetismus 2
  • Review
  • Test

Swiss audio specialist Thom Wettstein has tested the Magnetismus 2. In addition to a detailed overview of how it works, you can hear many audio examples, like the legendary Amen-Break and some nice synthesizer sequences, "magnetized" for you.

His conclusion:

“The Magnetismus 2 is a sound machine. You can turn boring sounds into fat sounds and make drums dirty and assertive. I liked best the parallel use of the unit and the processing of hard stab synths. You can color and bend your loops as you like.” - Thom Wettstein

Have fun watching:

  • 00:42 Intro
  • 03:12 Introducing the Magnetismus 2
  • 05:39 Drumloop processing
  • 07:06 Real Drums processing
  • 08:25 Parallel Processing
  • 09:46 Funk Guitar
  • 11:01 Sound Shaping und Distorsion
  • 12:18 Trance Synth
  • 13:50 Conclusion

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