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  • 06/04/2018
  • Victor Weiss
  • Raumzeitmaschine
  • Review

The Online-Magazin has reviewed the Raumzeitmaschine.

Some quotes:

Where Lexicon and other competitors let you step through parameter deserts were you do not even understand the meaning of the parameter description, the Tegeler Audio Manufaktur reduced the controls of its Raumzeitmaschine to the essential and most important parameters in order to achieve the desired result intuitively and effectively.
Personally, I especially liked the small rooms, the almost inaudible AMBIENTS that you put on kick drums or percussion in general. But also medium and large rooms can be dialed in playfully and effortlessly.
Especially the intuitive operation, the perfectly matched remote control plug-in and the clearly audible character of the two tubes make the Raumzeitmaschine a dream machine. If you have seldom touched the parameters of your main hardware reverb due to poor handling and instead have stepped through presets, you should absolutely flirt with the Tegeler Raumzeitmaschine [...].

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