Creme - The Streaky Review

Creme - The Streaky Review

  • 03/02/2018
  • Victor Weiss
  • Review
  • Crème

Streaky is a cool guy. He's been around in the music biz for 25 years, started as a house DJ and now he's one of Europe's leading mastering engineers. Everyone heard his mastering before, because P. Diddy, Depeche Mode and Adele are just some of the names from his famous clientele.

“I’ve been using it on pretty much everything since I’ve had it!” - Streaky

His YouTube channel is so beloved by his fans because he freely voices his opinion when testing equipment. The Creme was in his studio for a review and he liked it so much that he doesn't want to give it away anymore.

See & hear yourself:

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