Swiss Children’s choir profits from the Berlin audio-engineering

Swiss Children’s choir profits from the Berlin audio-engineering

  • 07/23/2013
  • Michael Krusch
  • Story
  • EQP-1
A few weeks ago we received a special praise from our customer Mark Steffen, who coincidentally got his hand on a Tube Recording Channel. He bought the device at a special sale and was very impressed by the upgrading of the recording.

After that, he contacted us and bought a Classic Equalizer EQP1 stereo. This device is now his steady companion at his work as the sound-engineer of the youth work of the city of Luzern.
With him, the youngsters have the possibility to learn how to record, master and mix your music free of charge. This happens most of the time with the aid of free plug-ins, however, he intends to show the kids, who mostly only know about software, the “real” technology. The current project involves recordings of a child choir which are to be released on CD and he wants to use as many analogue instruments as possible. He thereby wants to counteract the current trend of solely digitally produced music that was created by a computer only.
There are about 30 children of the child choir of Mailino and Musigtraum,that are involved in the project and who had the honor to sing in a concert with Konstantin Wecker.

With the equipment, the project “ Sternsingen 50 Jahre Missio” has already been completed and the combination of TRC and EPQ1 has proven itself to be worthwhile: especially the equalizer appears to be very musical during the process of mastering.

We are delighted about such a positive feedback!

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