Raumzeit Mania

Raumzeit Mania

  • 11/14/2018
  • Victor Weiss
  • Raumzeitmaschine
  • Review

Paolo Di Nicolantonio loves synthesizers. His website Synthmania started out as a passionate hobby and over the years has become a staple for all synth nerds. On his eponymous YouTube Channel, he plays to the delight of his fans through all the iconic vintage synths, but also likes to discover new instruments.

"In short, this machine sounds stellar! I really love the sound, it's very very warm, the tails of the reverb are just fantastic, so nice and clean. I've had most of this other famous machines and this one has a different character but it's really really pleasing to the ears and to the mix [...] and its also easy to use [...]." Paolo Di Nicolantonio

To really enjoy playing the classics, you need of course a nice reverb. The Raumzeitmaschine was made for this and that's why we sent Paolo a unit to try out. Paolo immediately fell in love with our Tube Reverb and did an extensive review for you. A treat for the ears!

Lean back, we wish you a lot of fun watching:

  • 01:30 Description of functions
  • 02:20 Raumzeitmaschine with PPG
  • 08:10 Raumzeitmaschine with JX-8P
  • 13:06 Raumzeitmaschine with Juno-60
  • 18:02 Raumzeitmaschine with TR-808
  • 21:40 Raumzeitmaschine with guitar
  • 27:17 Raumzeitmaschine with voice
  • 30:32 Motorized knobs and plugin factory programs

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