User opinion: Producer and musician Jake Roeder on the VTRC

User opinion: Producer and musician Jake Roeder on the VTRC

  • 09/19/2011
  • Michael Krusch
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  • VTRC
"Errrrrr – can you somehow mix it back? I feel like I‘m singing to myself in my ear." That was, what I recently had to hear in a vocal session. Actually, that says quite a lot about the VTRC. Since about two months I call the channel my own and I can no longer imagine my studio setup without this device. My absolute favorite for vocal recordings - but also versatile - guitars, snares - something is always working. I have been looking for a long time for a decent, affordable channel strip that meets my requirements. Mostly you are missing something - the EQ sounds bad, the compressor runs at a very preliminary stage, or the pre-stage is too thin. I cannot complain about anything about my VTRC. This is really extraordinary. When unpacking it I was pleasantly surprised. Who does not know it - one thousand small knobs and you are puzzled. This is not the case with VTRC - large potentiometers (rasterized - I love it), stable toggle switch and everything clearly arranged. My favorite knob is the Gain regulator. The sound in the pre-stage is great but when using the gain regulator the sound is so phat, that you are deeply moved. The EQ works wide-band and clean. Compressors (2!) sound very neat - and do what they should, without breaking the signal. To take peaks - no problem - compression - neither! No matter what kind of mic I connect to Vocal Recordings – In the mix the voice is always ahead of the band without being intrusive loud. Quite honestly: It must always go fast - and with the VTRC you cannot do anything wrong. It is the ideal tool. Thanks to the combo jack on the front, there is no problem processing signals. I am more than delighted with the VTRC – it deserves clearly a “thumbs up” - or as a good American colleague, who recently worked with me, said: "That's probably the best strip I've ever used - and I've used a bunch ". Jake Roeder Single Coil Studio Regensburg Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Engineer/Arranger/Composer Webseite: iTunes:


  • Jake Roeder - Germany
  • Skware - USA
  • The Go Set - Australia
  • Elli - German Idol Winner - Germany
  • ACDC Revival Band - Germany
  • Luis Trinkers Höhenrausch - Germany
  • Morgan Finlay - Canada
  • Shane O'Fearghail - Ireland
  • Die Happy - Germany (Toursupport "unplugged & accoustic Tour 2009")
  • Erwin und die Heckflossen - Germany (Top 40 Band)
  • Milk! - Germany
  • Kellner - Germany
  • Shane Baker - Muscle Shoals, USA

Instrumental/Producing/Editing Credits

  • Killian McGrath/ Ireland - Shine on - (Arranging, Producing, Piano, Guitars, Bass)
  • Nevio/ Germany - Due - (Editing)
  • Gitte/ Germany - Was ihr wollt (Guitars, Vocals)
  • EON/ Germany - Ten Stars for Christmas (Guitars, Bass, Ukulele, Backing Vocals, Editing, Arranging, Engineering)
  • Chirho/ Germany/England - (Editing, Guitars)
  • Helmut Hattler, Siyou/ Germany - Lovely Place Germany (Guitars)
  • Schinderhannes/ Germany - Von einem anderen Stern (Live Recording)
  • Kellner/ Germany (Live Recording, Mixing, Video, Engineering Record "The Road Sessions")
  • Volkan Baydar - former Orange Blue/ Germany (Guitars, Vocals, Engineering)
  • Saint Lou/ Germany - (Engineering, Recording)
  • Sick Sick Sick/ Germany (Producing, Arranging, Mixing)
  • Alpenköniginnen (Engineering, Recording)
  • Donikkl (Engineering, Recording)
  • D'Raith Schwestern und Da Blaimer/Deepest Bavaria - (Engineering, Recording)
  • Senit/ Italy-San Marino (Engineering, Recording, Guitars, Backing Vocals on "Stand By" Song for San Marino on Eurovision Song Contest 2011)
  • Gregor Meyle/ Germany (Guitars, Bass, Engineering)
  • Adoro/Germany (Engineering)

Producers/ writers worked with:

  • Christian Lohr/ Germany (Gianna Nannini, Joss Stone, Sting, Udo Jürgens, Christina Stürmer uvm.)
  • Gary Baker/ Florence, USA (writer of "I swear", Backstreet Boys, Lee Ann Rhimes, Nick Lache, Lonestar uvm.)
  • Rolf Stauffacher/ Frauenfeld, Switzerland (Max Lesser, Salomon Burke, Gianna Nannini, Pippo Polina uvm.)
  • Bernhard Frank/ Regensburg, Germany (Moodorama, uvm.)
  • Patty Mayer/ Berlin, Germany (Saint Lou, Wir sind Helden uvm.)
  • Anthony Little/ Miami, USA (Tina Turner, Monrose uvm.)
  • Maya Singh/ Germany (Sarah Connor, Christina Stürmer uvm.)
  • Adam Browder/ Nashville, USA (Kip Moore, The Shoals, Erin Brokovic uvm.)
  • Dough Stokes/ Columbia, USA (The Shoals, Minny Murphy uvm.)
  • Josh Haselton/ Florence, USA (Lenny LeBlanc, Skware uvm.) Matt Johnson/ Muscle Shoals, USA (Matthew Craig, Skware, Noiseblock uvm.)
  • Shane Baker/ Muscle Shoals, USA (Shane Baker Band, Noisenlock uvm.)
  • Killian McGrath/ Dublin, Irland
  • Dave Haselton/ Birmingham, USA
  • Steve King/ New York, USA
  • Rob Collier/ Florence, USA
  • Bianca Handl/ Elite Models, Germany

Touring in:

  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • Spain
  • USA

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