Add some kind of magic

Add some kind of magic

  • 02/14/2018
  • Victor Weiss
  • Review
  • EQP-1

William Morabito's extensive review of the EQP-1

Based in Nice, William Morabito is not only the lead vocalist of his band "Xplore Yesterday" as well as producer, mixing and recording engineer in his own recording studio "DigiHill Studio". He's also instructor on the YouTube channel 'En Plein Dans Le Mix' and has learned his mixing skills from Grammy Award winner Andy Wallace.

In his extensive review, he explores the question why a hardware EQ makes the difference, shows the EQP-1 in action, and compares it to various software plug-ins. He finds that the EQP-1 adds just the kind of magic that you always miss when using software EQs!

Here is the complete review in french language with english subtitles:

As a bonus, here is his unboxing video:

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Homepage of DigiHill Studio:

Homepage of his band Xplore Yesterday:

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