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Schwerkraftmaschine - Der Kompressor


Full analogue Vari-Mu compressor with DSP controlled side-chain.
Remote controllable by a DAW plugin.

Crème – Bus Compressor and Mastering Equalizer

Compressor Equalizer

The Crème combines a passive EQ according to the Pultec principle and a tested bus compressor in one solution.

Many successful mixing engineers have one thing in common: They mix with a compressor and EQ in the master channel. The EQ is most of the times set onto mild height and bass boost, the bus compressor adds some db compressions. This already provides an idea whilst mastering, what the mix will sound like after mastering. Plus it assists in finding the right volume balance for the individual sounds (especially for the vocals).

Vari Tube Recording Channel VTRC – Channel Strip

Channel Strip/Preamp

Do you have experience with digital music production and with handling plug-ins but are aspiring to reach the professional league?
The VTRC will give you anything you need to do recordings that cuts through the mix.
Or bring your already recorded tracks to the next level.

Magnetismus 2 – Transient Shaper

Compressor Processor

The Magnetimus 2 was developed for the processing of drums and other transient rich signals such as acoustic guitars. It combines a modern flexible VCA compressor with a downstream transient shaper. The result is a fat sound, which is similar to a tape recording, but integrates better into the mix due to the highly developed analogue circuitry.
Magnetismus 2 can also be a creative sound design tool when 'targeted destruction' is desired for your audio signals.

Because the compressor can also used separately, the Magnetismus 2 is also well suited to mix individual signals or to be used as a buss compressor.

Tube Summing Mixer TSM

Summing Mixer

Many miss the sound of the era of analogue mixer consoles but don’t want to waive the modern conveniences like total recall.

The Tube Summing Mixer gives you the opportunity to bring the sound of analog mixing with the benefits of a digital workflow to the comfort of your own studio.

The analog signal path, 2 tubes and matching transformer, is what is responsible for processing the signals. The result is a typical analog sound; open & defined yet warm. The mix is not trapped in the box but opens into the whole room.

Classic Equalizer EQP-1 – Passive Tube Equalizer


Did you ever hear such heights with a software EQ?
I think not!

With this EQ, you turn in heights and bass and it sounds just as good as you expected it. Even better. You will be astonished and ask yourself how you have ever managed without the Classic Equalizer. You constantly thought after every Plug-in that you tried that it could work better. You knew it and now you have found it! Get the Classic Equalizer and gain the experience.

Konnektor - Analogue Mastering Matrix

Routing Matrix

  • Connect 8 stereo hardware units in any order order you like
  • Total recall with the DAW-plugin
  • Build in LR->MS and MS->LR matrix

Vari Tube Compressor VTC – Mastering and Bus Compressor


Our mastering specialist.

  • It compresses your mix into a lightly glace
  • It tidies your bass- and low midds and gives him definition
  • It adds a golden finish to your sound.

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