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Raumzeitmaschine - Tube Reverb
  • Reverb

Room processor
Remote controllable by a DAW plugin.


Schwerkraftmaschine - Der Kompressor


Full analogue Vari-Mu compressor with DSP controlled side-chain.
Remote controllable by a DAW plugin.

Crème – Bus Compressor and Mastering Equalizer

Compressor Equalizer

The Crème combines a passive Pultec-style EQ and a tested bus compressor in one device.

Vari Tube Recording Channel VTRC – Channel Strip

Channel Strip/Preamp

High-end channel strip with a flexible tube preamp, passive Pultec-style EQ, opto- and Vari-Mu compressor.

Magnetismus 2 – Transient Shaper

Compressor Processor

Unique transient shaper combined with a modern flexible VCA compressor.

Tube Summing Mixer TSM

Summing Mixer

High-quality tube summing mixer with 2x20 channels for which InTheBox mixing is no longer enough.

Classic Equalizer EQP-1 – Passive Tube Equalizer


Passive Pultec-style tube equalizer for powerful bass and indescribable highs.

Konnektor - Analogue Mastering Matrix

Routing Matrix

Flexible full-analog mastering matrix for 8 stereo hardware devices and total recall via DAW plug-in. Includes built-in LR-> MS- and MS-> LR matrix.

Vari Tube Compressor VTC – Mastering and Bus Compressor


High-end Vari-Mu compressor for mastering and tracking.