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You have experience with digital music production and with handling plug-ins but are aspiring to reach the professional league?
The digital sound-editing of voices and solo-instruments makes sense if you want to work mobile in the pre-production or want to test through certain equalizer-or compressor-types using their digital clones.
During the completion of your mix with plug-ins, you realized that recorded voices don’t become prevalent, don’t integrate into your mix and clearly sound adapted.

Maybe you made the right decision for quality and bought the a good microphone, however a premium mixing-console is ,to continue with quality, outside of your budget.
So far, you vainly looked for a solution to that problem: a combination of a premium pre-amplifier, compressor and equalizer made up of the finest components is available in only one piece of equipment for an exceptionally fair price that is reachable for Project-studios.

We at Tegeler Audio Manufactur as musicians had the very same problem and therefore shifted our focus towards the development of such a device. The VTRC. The Vary Tube Recording Channel gives your recording the most up market boutique-sound and confident powers of self-assertion, while at the same time creating a perfect integration into the mix.
The device astonishes with its sound-results that is accredited to high-end devices within the top price range when used during blind-tests.
It is the first sound-refiner worldwide who allows for the combined operation of vari-q and opto-compressor and therewith offers a sound-spectrum ranging from clean precision and silky-warm vintage-sound.
The VTRC absolutely convinced us and that is why we offer you to try out this device without any obligations for 14 days. Simply sign up at the above link and the VTC will be delivered to you on the same work-day (if available).

Vari Tube Recording Channel Editors Choice 2011 Best Buy Delamar 5 stars excellent Sound on Sound Award Nominee


Due to the variable nature of the preamp, you decide on the color of the sound of your recording varying from clean-direct to vintage-fat.
With the passive equalizer built after the Pultec-principle, you add silky-soft heights to your recording give your voice more volume or filter out disruptive frequencies within the area of keynotes.
The combined operation of vari-µ and opto compressor of the VTC is a worldwide unique feature that extends your sound-spectrum with a fantastically sounding compressor sound.

Opto Compressor

An LED beams onto a light-sensitive resistance and thereby regulates level-dependent the amplification. The automatic control of the compressor-timing is additionally supported through the memory-effect of the resistant. Out comes an open-airy and soft compression which keeps the level nicely static but hardly alters the micro dynamic of the signal.

Vari-Tube Compressor

Here, the amplification of a control-tube is directly influenced. The control happens directly through the opto compressor. The result is a sound that will find its place even in a dense mix with sinister presence and nevertheless doesn’t lose its warmth.

The compressors adjusts the level and increases the densitiy without killing its micro dynamic.
Move the slide for a before/after comparison.

The routing of the compressor and EQ is switchable; it is possible to switch the EQ into the side-chain of the compressor, so that frequency dependent compression and Deesing are possible. If you already have a recording which has not been refined yet, with the aid of the VTRC it is possible to edit it afterwards through the line input. Thereby the signal does not run through the Microphone input transformer but through a separate transformer that has been developed for line-level.

All functions of the VTRC (from Preamp to EQ to Compressor) are available to you for the processing of high-level signals.

If you want to use the VTRC for stereo signals, it is possible to link them.


  • Vari-µ compressor (Opto and Vari-µ comprossor can be used at the same time)
  • Line input with separate line input transformer
  • Two VTRC linkable for stereo operation
  • EQ: 24kHz high boost frequency for additional air band
  • Switchable compressor timing
  • Upgraded tube input stage


  • Opto compressor (Opto and Vari-µ comprossor can be used at the same time)
  • Passive Pultec-style EQ
  • Microphone preamp, character changeable from clean to fat
  • EQ can be switch before or after compressor
  • EQ can be switched to compressor’s side chain


The VTRC is a device for professionals and does therefore not contain any pre-sets.
However, for the purpose of testing and to get to know the device, we have compiled some settings which for a good starting-point.

Basic settings
all controls set to 0, all witches to the bottom, Mic/Line +48V according to the requirement.
gain set to 10, input in such a way that the needle of the meter is just responding, Lowcut for males set to 60Hz, for females to 120Hz, EQ switched on, frequency set to 16kHz, boost set to 6, Opto- and Varitubecompressor switched on, set the Gain Reduction in such a way that loud extracts don’t exceed 6db compression.
Plucked guitar
gain set to 1, Input in such a way that the needle of the meter is just responding, Lowcut set to 80Hz if somebody else is playing the bass in addition, EQ on, if necessary, Frequenzabsenkung set to 6kHz and boost set to 6, switch on the Optocompressor, Gain reduction is set in such a way that the compression does not exceed 4db during loud extracts. For more assertion higher the gain and adjust the Input.
gain set to 10, Input set in such a way that the needle is just responding, Lowcut set to 80Hz, if somebody is playing the bass at the same time, EQ switched on. If necessary, put the Frequenszabsenkung to 300Hz and set the Cut to 3, Frequenzanhebung set to 12 kHz and boost is set to 6, Varitubecompressor switched on, set the Gain Reduction in such a way that 6db compression are not exceeded during loud extracts.
gain set to 10, Input set in such a way that the needle of the Meter does not reach below 0 , Frequenzabsenkung set to 300Hz and lowering set to 3 , Frequenzanhebung set to 2 kHz and Boost set to 3, Optocompressor is switched on, set the Gain Reduction in such a way, that the compression lies between 3-6db.
gain set to 10, Input in such a way that the needle of the meter is just responding, lowcut set to 80Hz, EQ is switched on, frequency is set to 16 kHz and Boost is set to 6, Varitubecompressor is switched on, set the Gain Reduction in such a way, that the compression lies between 3-6db.



  • Tube device (3 Triodes)
  • Class-A circuit
  • Frequency response: 20 – 20.000 Hz +/- 1,5dB
  • gerasterte Potis
  • Transformer balanced inputs and output
  • Internal power supply with toroidal transformer
  • Height: 132mm (3U), width: 483mm, depth: 250mm

Microphone Preamp

  • Microphone preamp with transformer / 48V / Phase
  • True 48V phantom power
  • Phase switch
  • High-impedance instrument input(100 kOhm)
  • Character changeable from clean to fat


  • Low-cut: 80-160Hz
  • Low-mid boost: 80-120-200-300-500-700-1000 Hz
  • Mid-cut: 200-300-500-700 Hz 1-1,5-2-3-4-5-7 kHz
  • High boost: 1,5-2-3-4-5-7-10-12-16-20-24 kHz


  • Opto compressor
  • Vari-Tube compressor (vari-µ)
  • Soft-Knee
  • Program-adaptive attack and release timing



Using the VTRC for vocal processing

Voice actor Markus Kästle - Audio demo

Video review - Musotalk TV (german)


Tegeler Audio Tube Recording Channel used for Bass (Fame Baphomet V Gothic)

Lea & Fab on the road with a VTRC


MusoTalk visit



Dieter Kahlen wrote:

…The VTRC causes a clearly audible effect on voices that seems to literally step out of the phantom center, giving a powerful and rounded 3D appearance without any further processing in the mix…filters are very soft and the highs are silky and airy…The compressor, even with large reductions being

…’inconspicuously conspicuous’ goes to work…The legendary ‘Fairchild-breathing’ quickly gets you in the ‘Slow’ position. Particularly striking is the prominence it gives voices and solo instruments in the stereo field. One rarely speaks of such special characteristics in a microphone preamp

Michael Nötges wrote:

…mit zunehmend aktiver Gain-Stufe heizt der VTRC dem Signal aber ordentlich, profiliert das Timbre und erzeugt einen ‘großen’ Gesamtklang, der das Ausgangssignal über sich hinauswachsen lässt…

…wobei der Grundklang der Filtersektion, auf Deutsch gesagt, schlicht und einfach der Hammer ist…

…der klanglich herausragende passive Equalizer und die Kombination aus Vari-µ- und Optokompressor machen ihn zu einem einzigartigen und sehr vielseitg einsetzbaren analogen Soundprozessor…

Stefan Körber wrote:

…”While recording voice I had the feeling that the “cloth” in front of the microphone was literally removed, the voice sounded great and defined…

…The Vari-tube compressor lends a strong compression to the signal, while the opto compressor works in a similar way, just much more restrained

Some reviews of the predecessor Tube Recording Channel

Michael Nötges wrote:

…Das Gitarrensignal wirkt, selbst über das eigentlich neutral klingende Mikrofon, butterweich ohne an Druck und Präsenz zu verlieren…

…Das Kompressionsverhalten ist, wie zu erwarten war, geschmeidig und souverän…

…die nächste Stufe der Evolution, wenn es um analoges Studio-Equipment geht…

…Er verbindet eine hervorragend und sehr speziell klingende Röhrenvorstufe, mit einem kreativen, passiven Dreiband-Filter und packt noch einen souverän arbeitenden Kompressor oben drauf…

Andreas Hau wrote:

…What’s very praiseworthy is the gain and low noise performance of the unit coupled with sweet and smooth sound processing. Aurally the equalizer leaves many complex equalizers in the shadows. You can adjust the EQ as much you want, but it never sounds ‘adjusted’ or ‘over-worked’…

…The Tegeler Compressor is truly unique, because it works extremely inconspicuously and naturally. For smooth level control it is a true champion…

Christian Preissig wrote:

…Thanks to the switchable preamp styles, the Vari Tube Recording Channel can sound soft and beautiful. All round it has a really fine EQ …

…The compressor section of the Vari Tube Recording Channel ensures that the compression adds punch, which gives a better transferability and ability to the signal…

Roman Beilharz wrote:

…You almost always succeed in providing significant sound improvement to the signal, which always sounds smooth and elegant…

…vocal signals and guitars seem to benefit immensely from a reasonable VTRC treatment…


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