Magnetismus 2 – Transient Shaper

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The Magnetimus 2 was developed for the processing of drums and other transient rich signals such as acoustic guitars. It combines a modern flexible VCA compressor with a downstream Transient Shaper. The result is a phat sound, which is similar to a tape recording, but integrates better into the mix due to the highly developed analogue circuitry.

Magnetismus 2 can also be a creative sound design tool when ‘targeted destruction’ is desired for your audio signals.

Because the compressor can also used separately, the Magnetismus 2 is also well suited to mix individual signals or to be used as a buss compressor.



A TR-808-Groove gets compressed with the help of the Magnetismus 2. The average loudness of the signal is rised, although the average level drops.
Diverse grooves are edited with the Magnetismus 2 - by AK-KW Techno
Tegeler Audio Manufaktur - Magnetismus 2 - Review

News about the Magnetismus 2


Hagen Fin wrote:

…The Tegeler Magnetismus 2 is a high quality, very well developed piece of studio equipment. It has a great sounding compressor and transient shaper that can conjure a certain vintage flair in audio. The compressor is suited for almost all applications and works extremely well on almost any source…


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