Summing Bundle - Tube Summing Mixer + Ferrofish A32 converter + cabels


All you need for analog summing

Many grieve the sound of the era of analog mixer consoles but don’t want to waive the modern conveniences like total recall.

The Tube Summing Mixer gives you the opportunity to bring the sound of analog mixing with the benefits of a digital workflow to the comfort of your own studio.

The analog signal path, tubes and matching transformers, are responsible for processing the signals. The result is a typical analog sound; open & defined yet warm. The mix is not trapped in the box but opens up the whole room.

With 2 × 20 channels, there are enough inputs available to glue together the most demanding mixes.

Plug & Play

This bundle contains the Summing Mixer, the AD/DA converter with 32 channels, and the necessary audio cables to connect both units.

Tested and matched.

What's included:
  • Tube Summing Mixer
  • Ferrofish A32 or A32 Dante with 32x AD and 32x DA channels
  • 4x D-Sub25/D-Sub25 cable Tascam layout
  • 1x D-Sub25/XLR female cable Tascam layout
All you need to do is connect the converter to the computer to get started. For example, via MADI (RME MADI Interface) or simply with the network cable via the Dante interface.
For the Dante interface, you only need the Dante Virtual Soundcard driver in addition to the cheap network hardware. No expensive interface is needed anymore.

Use the converter's free inputs for other tasks. E.g. connect all your synths.

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Bundle 1: TSM + Ferrofish A32 + Audio cables

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Bundle 2: TSM + Ferrofish A32 Dante + Audio cables

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